Amnaj Suriyawongkul, who once easily designed his first site on the user-friendly GUI application and then upload it into Geocities’ space, he is now facing the cruel of reality. HTML5, PHP, CSS, RSS, CEO, KFC or even LMFAO is really too hard for a 80‘s born child like him. Please, his first Internet login was done by a 14.4k modem.

But there is still some sparkling light at the end of this cross-continent tunnel. He is on his way to new home (after been ‘homeless’ for nearly 20 years). The Site will be completed soon and if you can see this claim, it means he already understand something about FTP, hopefully.

Meanwhile, if you want to send him some greeting, cheer him up, beg him to stop complaining or wanna contact him about Environmental / Corporate Graphic works. Please do not hesitate to click below.

(He promises to apply for a proper domain this really soon).


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I still cannot make up my mind, whether to design this website as first of my own online space or to be the portfolio site of my own (anyway, I just recognized that I once had a site on free space, provided by Geocities which should be vast of pages’ graveyard now). Thus, please stay catch up!!! :D